BioSpectrum was founded in April, 2000 and has been focused on a raw material manufacturing based on natural products. BioSpectrum is a leading developer and supplier of innovative specialty cosmetic ingredients. With profound knowledge and experience on natural resources, formulation, and biological science, BioSpectrum is able to design and develop high-quality active ingredients for cosmetics. Our R&D team has put ceaseless efforts to search nature-derived lead compounds for skin care ingredients, which can be suggested as the alternatives for the currently using chemical cosmetic actives.

BioSpectrum has optimized the concentration and formulation of each active ingredient based on professional knowledge and active research on skin disease, transdermal delivery system, skin cell-based screening system, and various liposome formulations.

We Offer GREEN Ingredients.

Every ingredient that BioSpectrum is offering is green-based. You will meet only with the products from the freshest and finest herbs with verification of conformity and origin by experienced botanists from Korea and Eurodive.

We Offer SAFE Ingredients.

Most of the ingredients BioSpectrum has developed are clinically tested for the safety and efficacy. Besides the remarkable skin caring effects, the clinical tests have demonstrated that our ingredients are safe to use. Our ingredients satisfy the consumer's demands with real safety and more-than-expected effects.


We offer industry-leading products, technologies and resources for solving formulation and product performance challenges in cosmetic market. Our company philosophy is based on a total quality concept that considers effective product formulas, workplace safety, environmental management, leadership and cooperation in our quality concept.

Managing Director

A global and masterful approach ensures rigorous quality from the conception of the product to the end of its full market lifetime cycle. Technical expertise and standardized processes guarantee the strict compliance of both products and services.

R&D Manager

We have constantly introducing high-end technologies to our best product development and carrying scientific innovation with proven performance for reliable and effective product.