R&D Center

BioSpectrum Life Science Institute

The BioSpectrum Life Science Institute is high-class research institute with growing scientists.
The institute is housed in Seongnam, South Korea where colonize high-tech industries and facilities.
The institute develops formulation/ concentration of each active ingredient and transdermal delivery system,
skin cell-based screening system as well as proposal for new direction of study for skin.

Jeju Natural Product Production (NPP) Center/ Jeju R&D Laboratory

Jeju R&D Laboratory is mainly involved in studying native natural resource from Jeju Island for our special and unique products, and Jeju NPP Center also participate in product manufacturing in Jeju, quality control for mass production and development of production process.

Osan Bioactive Compound Production (BCP) Center / Osan R&D Laboratory

Osan R&D Laboratory located in Osan, Korea develops protocol for a large-scale production and is mainly in charge of the study for improvement of large-scale production process and quality control for large-scale production. Osan BCP Center has also undertaken the production of active ingredients by concentration, dissolution, and fermentation of plant-driven extracts which is primarily processed at Jeju NPP Center. .