" MelaNo is gentle and natural whitening agent
    " The benefits of MelaNo are:
           A natural safe oil (a mixed form with 3 different natural oils)

           Highly effective for aged skin, sensitive skin, and dry skin
           Multi-functional; Antoxidant, Anti inflammation, Anti wrinkle, Moisturizing effects
           Makes the healthy and well-built skin possible
           Strengthen skin barrier function
    INCI ▶
    Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil
    Bisabolol ((-)-alpha-bisabolol)



    Clinical Data

    1. Whitening Effect

     Test Center   SPINCONTROLASIA Co.,Ltd.

     Test Period    February 08, 2012 ~ April 04, 2012

      Objective      The objective of this study was to evaluate the in vivo effects of two cosmetic products in healthy                   Asian skin type female subjects.

      Method        The evaluation was performed using:
                      Chromametry(measurement of the color of the skin with a chromameter CR-300®,Minolta, Japan)

      Population     Twenty (+3) healthy Asian female subjects, aged between 18-50 years old, presenting                    dark spots on the face, were selected for this study. All the subjects gave thir informed                    written consents before beginning the test.

      Conclusion   In the long term period (2months) application of product MelaNo tended to induce a superior                   lightnening effect to Placebo.


    ■ Skin Whitening Effects on UV-Induced Pigmentation

    Summery of the results and mean vatiations obtained using chromametry for the skin treated with the tested product MelaNo and Placebo during 2 months and for the untreated control skin.

    MeloNo treatment group showed statistically significant skin whitening effect after using for 8weeks.


    ■ Skin Whitening Effects on Dark spot

       Evaluation of the efficacy of the MeloNo

      MeloNo showed statistically significant skin whitening effect.
      Skin tone improved significantly as spectrum observation. After using MelaNo, the face tone (color spectrum)
      was more even than before treatment.