Stem cell research

Stem cell protection

Our skin contains stem cell where are located in the basal layer of the epidermis. The main roles of epidermal stem cell are to renew and maintain the cell with in the skin as well as to regenerate damaged tissues. Therefore, the protection of stem cell is critical for the renewal and repair of the skin.

Our skin constantly confronts conditions which can be harmful such as smoking, air pollution, UV radiation and etc. When those external factors reach the skin, toxins and reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated in the skin, which is responsible for 80% of face-aging. Despite sun-filter or mask, toxins and ROS can be generated in the skin. Furthermore, those can provoke skin disease such as erythema and affect the function of epidermal stem cells leading to photo-aging.

Since epidermal stem cell regulate skin renewal and repair, studying the protection mechanism and screening of active ingredients for stem cell protection is essential. Recently, BioSpectrum have taken responsibility to develop new active compounds for protecting epidermal stem cell from UV radiation.

The primary roles of stem cells are to maintain and repair the skin tissue in which they are found. The stem cell activator / protector is an active material which can support the natural role of skin stem cells through protect stem cell against intrinsic aging factors and extrinsic aging factors such as UV, pollution, harmful chemicals or other negative factors.