>> MultiEx Series: Mixed compounds for special biological purposes

One of the major impediments in the cosmeceutical industry is that highly concentrated cosmetics ingredients must be used to obtain targeted biological activities. However, even when ingredients are highly purified, they are not pure enough to be used in pharmaceuticals. These impurities in cosmetics ingredients may cause allergic responses and particular side effects. Therefore, the concentrations of ingredients must be lowered in order to reduce any harmful effects.

Traditional Korean Medicine has been developed as blending of numerous Oriental ingredients, which show similar or complementary effects. The rationale behind BioSpectrum's MultiEx Series has been developed based on traditional Korean medicine, which has been proven to have high efficacy with barely any side effects.

Every product in the MultiEx Series has passed several physiological tests to prove its activities on the action sites. In addition, MultiEx Series has undergone clinical tests to evaluate the efficacy and any potential side effects on the human skin.

Major Products

MultiEx BSASM, MultiEx Phytrogen, MultiEx Magnotics, MultiEx HumiD-Max Plus, MultiEx Rosanic, Cellike, BioDTox