PowdEx & PowdMix

>>PowdEX and PowdMix Series: Blend of Powders with Synergistic Effects

BioSpectrum provides highly purified powdered active ingredients through the unique standardized extraction process. The standardized extracts are highly concentrated with active herbals. They contain the complete profile of therapeutic constituents found in the herbs without any waste substances.

The main product for PowdEx series is the oil soluble licorice (Glycyrrhiza) extract. It is an effective cosmetics ingredient for skin whitening that inhibits tyrosinase activity in melanocytes.

Another product for PowdMix is WhiteTen, a concentrated powder substance for skin whitening. WhiteTen shows synergistic effects provided by blending ten different skin whitening actives, including pure chemicals and extracts from natural ingredients. It radiates the skin with a great whitening effect.

Major Products
Oil Soluble Licorice (Glycyrrhiza) Extract, WhiteTen.