>>NLT Series (Nano-sized Liposome Technology)

Liposomes are capable of embracing both water-soluble and water-insoluble materials simultaneously in a single formulation. Using liposomes, proteins, peptides, and other active ingredients can be contained in a single formulation. The liposome membrane is composed of lipid bilayers that are highly compatible with skin and penetrate deep into the skin.

The NLT NanoSphere Series utilizes the special characteristics of liposome for delivering high quantities of active ingredients to the action site, reducing systemic side effects. NLT NanoSphere Series provides excellent and long lasting moisturizing and biochemical effects for many functional skin care products.

BioSpectrum produces a wide range of liposomal ingredients for NLT NanoSphere series. NanoSpheres are the longest lasting liposomes. Each product shows 90% of standard activity even after 12 months of storage and more than 85% of NanoSpheres remain stable. NanoSpheres exist in the diameter range of 100 300 nm, proven by electron microscopy and size analyzer studies.

NLT NanoSphere in cosmetics has a number of advantages:
1. Easily absorbed and penetrated into the skin.
2. Able to deliver biologically active substances deep into the skin.
3. Delivers moisturizing substances directly into the skin.
4. Able to reduce irritant caused by substances such as retinol.
5. Biodegradable and non-toxic.
6. Carries water and oil soluble payloads.

Major Products
NLT AdenoSphere 2.0, NLT UrSphere 2.0, Nano Bright.