>>FMLT Series (Fast Multiple-layered Liposome Technology)

Liposomes are microscopic spheres that form spontaneously when certain lipids are suspended in water under appropriate conditions. The membranes that enclose these spheres resemble (in appearance and function) the biological membranes that enclose cells and constitute their boundary or fill inter-cellular space in the skin. The outermost layer of the skin is composed of lipid bilayers that act as the barrier system. Liposomes also consist of lipid bilayers that are similar in composition to those found in the skin. Liposomes are very compatible with the skin. Nano-sized liposomes can penetrate through skin layers, providing excellent moisturizing and biochemical effects.

FMLT MultiSpheres maximize liposome payloads by spontaneously associating with multiple active ingredients. FMLT MultiSpheres are highly efficient in entrapment and association of active ingredients. The multiple layers of membranes in FMLT MultiSpheres increase the capacity of each liposome to carry ingredients and desired active effects by approximately 1000-fold. FMLT MultiSpheres are particularly more effective in topical applications because they increase the surface area of action sites for ingredients in tissues. The hydrophobic coating of FMLT MultiSpheres enables the liposomes to be incorporated in most cosmetic formulations except in cleansers.

The pictures above show the Fast Multi-layer Liposome (FML), which contains many layers of phospholipid with water between the layers. Soluble moiety of diosgenin (orange) is located at the boundary between phospholipids and the water layer of the liposome, and water-soluble chains of Diosgenin (blue) are entrapped in the aqueous space between the bilayers.

Major Products
DioSphere 2.0, FMLT AzelaSphere 10.0, FMLT GotuSphere 5.0, FMLT PsoriaSolve, FMLT SeboCure.