Anti-aging (Anti-glycation)& Moisturizing

AkebiSol, akebia fruit extract (Akebia quinata(Thunb.) Decne ), is an effective anti-aging active and has excellent hydrating properties.

What is AkebiSol?

What is AkebiSol?The akebia fruit comes from the akebia vine (also known as the chocolate vine). Native to Korea and Japan, different parts of the plant are used for different purposes. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, akebia fruit is bitter and cold, and is associated with the liver and stomach meridains. Its main actions are to regulate the flow of liver qi, to promote blood circulation and relieve pain, and to promote the flow of urine. It is used to treat epigastric conditions such as a distended stomach and abdominal pain, along with amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

The effect

BioSpectrum was able to show in studies that AkebiSol strongly inhibits the process of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that are found in high amounts in aging cells, refering to as glycation. Alkebisol delays aging process and preserve the skin’s structure and quality. At the same time, AlkebiSol enhance the skin hydrating using special ingredients from akebia fruit extract.

Fighting aging (anti-glycation): AkabiSol

The process of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) develops naturally occuring over the time that lead to the stiffening of dermal proteins (collagen and elastin), increased apoptosis/ senescence and induction of oxidative stresses. Therefore AGEs contribute to the overall skin aging. AkabiSol can effectively prevent glycation process, but also protect collagen formation by inhibiting collagenase activity in human dermal tissues. Furthermore, AkabiSol reveal to inhibit cellular senescence.
In a clinical study, AkabiSol was shown to:
- Increase skin firmness and hydration
- Reduce the depth of wrinkles by about 10 % on the eye after a month of treatment

Claim ideas with AkabiSol

- Persteint skin elasticity by combatting glycation
- Reduce wrinkles and lines on the skin
- Increses skin firmness by activation of collagen production and inhibiting collagenase activity
- Protect skin cell from cellular senescence incuced by oxidative stress