Dongbaek(Tsubaki) Oil
    Soothing & Anti-Wrinkle
    " Camellia japonica is one of the best known species of camellia.
    " It is a flowering small tree native to Korea and Japan, called ‘the rose of winter’
    " The plans is generally called ‘동백 [dongbaek]’ in Korea, ‘冬柏 [dongbai]’ in China, and ‘つばき [tsubaki]’ in Japan.
    INCI ▶
    Camellia Japonica Seed Oil



    Experimental Data

    1. Anti-Oxidative power

    Dongbaek Oil is high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) that is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples in vitro. Subsequently, the degree of antioxidant-mediated protection is quantified using the antioxidant trolox (a vitamin E analogue) as a standard. Results for test samples (foods) have been published as "trolox equivalents" or TE.

    2. Skin Barrier Recovery

    " Vehicle: O/W cream
    " Glycerin: O/W cream contains 2% Glycerin.
    " Dongbaek Oil: O/W cream with 2% Dongbaek Oil

    TEWL values were measured after 0.5% SLS treatment for 24 hours. TEWL were performed on day 1,2, 3, 6 and 7 days after removing the patches on skin of forearm.

    Dongbaek Oil increase the skin recovery rate compared to vehicle and glycerin containing product.


    Clinical Data

    1. Anti-Wrinkle Effect

       ㆍTest Center : DermaPro/Skin Research Center

       ㆍTest Period : Nov 23, 2009 ~ Feb. 18, 2010

       ㆍObjective : To evaluate anti-wrinkle effects and safety on human skin

       ㆍMethod : Skin conditions of the subjects evaluated before treatment, 4, 8 and 12 weeks after
                    treatment. Skin wrinkle was evaluated by visual grade and skin roughness parameter
                    (R-value). All obtained data were analyzed by RM ANOVA and ANCOVA of SPSS 11.5
                    package program. Also result of self-questionnaires for efficacy and usage analyzed by
                    Mann-Whitney U test and x2-test of SPSS 11.5 package program, respectively.

       ㆍConclusion : Dongbaek Oil (2%) formula showed the anti-wrinkle effect as investigated by clinical
                        observation, instrumental assessments and self-questionnaires.


    2. Soothing Effect

    ● Recovery from Erythema Induced by SDS