BioSpectrum has developed own unique technologies to convert nature-based raw materials into active ingredients to deliver most efficiently to skins.

By providing products with state of the art technologies, which meet the high Standards demanded by the personal care markets, we can proudly say that Our customers and their consumers are pleased with our


Product Brief Description
HerbEx Series Natural extracts from plant. Standardized extracts.
FermEx Series Extracts from fermentation.
MarinEx Series Purified marine extracts or blend of marine extracts.
ActiStem Series Safe bioactive compounds for stem cells, Natural origin.
MultiEx Series Blend of herbal extracts. Synergistic effects.
FMLT Series Fast Multiple-layered Liposome production Technology.
NLT Series Nano sized Liposome production Technology.
PureOil Series Vegetable single oils. Natural origin.
MultiOil Series Multiple oil mixtures.
Peptide Series Synthetic Peptides.
PowdMix Series Blend of powders with synergistic effects.