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BioSpectrum Awarded EFfCI GMP Certification
Date : 2015-06-05
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BioSpectrum Inc. proved its quality by meeting the needs of EFfCI

On January 2015, BioSpectrum’s production site in Osan, Korea (Osan BCP center), meets the criteria of the latest EFfCI GMP standards for its cosmetic raw materials. Therefore, BioSpectrum is showing itself to be a leader in quality.


The EFfCI GMP Guide defines the extent and point of application of good manufacturing practice principles for the manufacture of cosmetic raw materials. It focuses on improvements in products protection along the production chain, defining additional controls as well as a dual control principle. The guide was developed in 2000 by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI), and has since been updated. In 2012, it was expanded to include quality risk management as well to reflect ISO 9001 (status 2010) standards. In order to fulfill ever increasing customer requirements, the EFfCI GMP Guide is oriented to the strict IPEC GMP guidelines for pharmaceutical excipients.


By meeting this requirements, BioSpectrum expects more pace to move as a global competitive company in cosmetic ingredients industries.


*Osan BCP center of BioSpectrum Inc.

1. Site Scale: 3,850m3

2. Plant Sizes: 1007.2m2

3. Semi-automated production equipment installation with CIP system included

4. Daily production: 20 ton/day, Annual production: 5000 ton/year


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