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Intrinsic beauty comes from ‘natural material’
Date : 2014-11-13
Name : Biospectrum
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The ‘K-Cosmetic’ Changes the World Cosmetic Map-BioSpectrum

‘Well-aging’ is now above ‘well-being’. More and more people are becoming interested in wiser solutions to get old beautifully, more than just good foods and good living.

With the increasing demand of well-aging, cosmetic industry has competitively released various functional cosmetics. The work to substitute chemical substances used for producing collagen or anti-aging with natural substance is now unavoidable issue of the general global cosmetic industry.


Innovative Skin Research Technology and Elite Manpower

There is a venture company, specialized in skin research and development, which produces natural material for well-aging in Korea: BioSpectrum

BioSpectrum, established 15 years ago, is concentrating on the development of natural new material and other materials for functional cosmetics, with innovative skin research technology and excellent manpower. To substitute chemical components that may be relatively cheap and shortly effective but has unintended side effects, BioSpectrum started on discovering and distributing natural active ingredients that is safe and effective. With this one goal in mind, BioSpectrum is establishing a foothold as a small but strong company of natural cosmetic raw material in the global cosmetic industry.


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Clean area Jeju island’s wild plants as material

BioSpectrum manages Jeju Manufacturing Technology Center, which extracts and separates active substance from Jeju’s wild plants, and Seongnam Natural Substance Material Development Center, which checks the effectiveness and safety of the extracted substances. BioSpectrum is a research development specialized company that carries out numbers of national projects with focused investment on R&D.

Research area includes discovering new functional materials, developing a new screening technology, natural extraction technology, refining technology, fermentation technology, and many other leading cosmetic material developments. Results of such research are published in foreign journals every year in SCI leveled papers, and continues into more launches of various functional materials in the global market including anti-aging, wrinkle improvement, whitening, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pigment control, prevention of hair loss, etc.




BSASM™, focused in the overseas market

There is a product that received spotlight from overseas buyers, BSASM™. BSASM™ is a natural active substance that targets consumers who have eczema or skin trouble. It was highly effective both on in-vitro experiment with epithelial stem cells and on skin clinical test. The product insisted on using natural raw materials such as rosemary and chamomile to secure safety, and showed meaningful effects on consumers with sensitive skin. BSASM™ attracted overseas buyers with its quality, and maintained steady interest after the launch. It is now the best-selling product of BioSpectrum, and through this product, brand awareness of BioSpectrum is keep increasing in overseas market.

Besides BSASM™, BioSpectrum is launching new products every year to target the Asia market, including Hodvital™ made out of germinated barley extraction for whitening, and Fuligo™ made out of jeju fusiformis extraction for wrinkle improvement. Furthermore, BioSpectrum is focusing on developing other well-aging functions. The effort of BioSpectrum to develop trustworthy natural raw material for beautiful skin will continue.

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