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BioSpectrum Inc, attended 8th World Congress for Hair Research
Date : 2014-05-23
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‘Research results of steam cell treatment, hair transplantation and hair maintance has been issued’
Biospectrum, inc. participated 8th World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) held in Jeju ICC on 14th to 15th of May, 2014. The Congress brought together hair biologists, dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and hair transplantation surgeons for these days comprehensive hair research meeting. International colleagues presented new research, shared experiences, and discussed new directions for the advancement of knowledge in hair growth, hair and scalp disease, and clinical care.

Since the inaugural tri-continental meeting in Brussels in 1955, the scope, size and quality of the meetings have increased as new member societies have joined. The triennial WCHR has been taking place annually since 2013 as it has recently emerged as one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. WCHR 2014 was held in Jeju, Korea under the slogan of ‘Wonder of Nature, Wonder of hair’. At this congress, about 1000 member were attended from 70 differernt countries to learn about the results of the recent clinical trials and experimental studies. The WCHR 2014 included general sessions, scientific posters, pre-Congress workshops, networking opportunities, a full exhibits program, company-sponsored satellite symposia and more. This congress provided a platform participant to broden professional horizon through keeping abreast of the lasts knowledge and developmets in hair resreach. Key note and seven plaenary speakers’ researches were impressive (Won-Soo Lee - ‘key quest for pattern hair loss’ and Manabu Ohyama -‘promise of human iPS cells form hair follicle regeneration’ etc). Especially hair care and hair cosmetic session was helpful to understand recent trend in hair cosmetics.

During congress, 153 oral presentations were presented and 237 posters in 20 different theams were posted. Biospecturm, Inc. posted research result about Sinapic acid in hair follicle dermal papialla cells promote hair growth.

More than 30 sponsor companies held technical exhibition to introduce their products. (Propecia- MSD, Avodart-GSK, Ell-cranell-Galderma, Minoxyl S- Hyundai pharm, Ryo-Amorepacific, Dove- unilever etc.)

8th WCHR ended in great success. Following 9th world congress for hair research take place nov 18-21, 2015 in Miami, Florida, USA. With continuing the tradition set by the international hair research societies, the Congress will be a comprehensive, international hair research meeting for the advancement of knowledge in hair growth, hair and scalp disease, and clinical care.
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