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Review on In-cosmetics 2014 Hamburg
Date : 2014-04-14
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BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Deokhoon Park) participated in In-Cosmetics held in Hamburg, Germany on 1st to 3rd of April. In-Cosmetics bring together the world’s leading personal care ingredients suppliers, formulators, R&D and marketing specialists and showcases the most diverse range of innovative cosmetics ingredients and technologies. At this fair, about 670 exhibitors were attended from 40 different countries. Especially this year, separate exhibition held focused on Brazil, 3rd biggest market of cosmetic and toiletries. The exhibition offered not only ingredient made in Brazil but also information about market trend, requirement, and regulation in Brazil.

At in-Cosmetics 2014 Hamburg, Biospectrum Inc. has actively and effectively introduced our proud and best product in the market. A number of manufacturing company has interested in MultiEx BSASM (atopic dermatitis-mitigating ingredient), Alpha-Melight, WhiteTen, MelaNo, and Melacare-Oil(Whitening ingredient). We introduced new launching two active ingredients; Hodvital, new whitening product; Fuligo Anti-aging product. Two new products got attention from formulators, manufacturers, R&D technologist from oversea.

Hodvital is water soluble skin whitening active from Germination of barley seed extract. It inhibit melanogenesis in cellular level without any cytotoxicity

Fuligo Sargassum fusiforme (from jeju clean water) is extract which is highly effective for aged skin, sensitive skin, and dry skin. It fortifies skin protection barrier and easy to formulate because of its hydrophilic property and small size.

<product list>
Hodvital (Skin Whitening), Fuligo (Anti-aging), VageStop (UV-Protection), MelaCare (Skin Whitening), AkebiSol (Anti-Aging [Anti-Glycation]), WhiteTen (Skin Whitening), MelaNo (Skin Whitening), BioDTox (Detoxification), MultiEx BSASM (Soothing), IsoNari (Bio-Slimming), Cellike (Natural Emulsifier), Dongbaek (Tsubaki) Oil (Soothing & Anti-Wrinkle)
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