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Please visit our booth during In Cosmetics 2014
Date : 2014-03-07
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In Cosmetics 2014, the leading global business platform for personal care ingredients, will take place in Hamburg Messe, Germany at 1-3 April. BioSpectrum will be attending this event and introducing new cosmetic ingredients for skin whitening (HodVital) and anti-aging (Fuligo).


HodVital, derived from germinated barley (Horderum Vulgare), shows anti-melanogenic activity in cellular level without any toxicity and clinical evaluation on skin whitening efficacy has been proved.

Fuligo, derived from brown sea algae (Sargassum fusiforme), contains fucoian which is a sulfatred polysaccharide and clinical evaluation on anti-aging effects such as wrinkle and facial lifting has been proved.



Please visit our booth  at 1G11 and find out more about our new cosmetic ingredients,!

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