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Review on BioSpectrum at PCHi 2014 Shanghai
Date : 2014-02-24
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   BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Deokhoon Park) participated in Personal care and homecare ingredients (PCHi) held in Shanghai, China. The Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade show is China's #1 Sourcing Platform for the Global Personal Care Industry. As an innovation-led event, PCHi provides cosmetics, home and personal care manufacturers, ingredients suppliers, cosmetics packaging, machinery and product testing providers from all over the world with a quality platform for ingredients sourcing, gaining insight into global trends, conference, activities and networking with world-class experts.


BioSpectrum Inc. has been attending PCHi since 2009 and witnessed that especially China market is enormously growing at high rate. At PCHi 2014 Shanghai, Biospectrum Inc. has actively and effectively introduced our proud and best product in the market. We introduced new launching four active ingredients in China market; Naturotics Plus, natural preservative; AkebiSol, anti-aging & moisturization; VageStop, UV protector from Nature; BioDTox, detoxifying and relaxing the Skin. Naturotic Plus, natural preservative has got a lot of attentions from manufacturers and formulators.


  Furthermore, we had a chance of product sourcing seminar, which is a great opportunity to advertise our product; BSASMTM (Super soothing to all stressed skin). BSASM is targeted to the sensitive skin or Atopic dermatitis and has been launched in China market for about two years. Through the product sourcing seminar, we have introduced the idea for application of BASAMTM in the market and get a lot of question and interest in the new possibility of BSASM from China market.

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