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BioSpectrum at HPCi 2014 Mumbai, India
Date : 2014-02-17
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BioSpectrum Introduced New Natural Cosmetic Ingredients at HPCi India Exhibition and Conference 2014


BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Deokhoon Park) participated in HPCi (Home and Personal Care Ingredients Exhibition and Conference India) held in Mumbai, India between 5th and 6th of February. HPCi exhibition is a place to exhibit a variety of new products and services related with the ingredients required for home and personal care. The exhibition helps the industry to experience the latest products and developments and to discuss the technologies of the ingredients. All the exhibitors and visitors have a great opportunity to connect and interact with the professionals and other attendees who was present during the show.


At HPCi 2014, BioSpectrum introduced three new active ingredients – AkebiSol, VageStop and BioDTox.

AkebiSol is a cosmetic ingredient developed to help maintain younger-healthy skin by inhibiting the accumulation of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products). Glycation (non-enzymatic glycation) is the result of typically covalent bonding of a protein or lipid with a sugar molecule. The accumulated AGEs eventually lead to a gradual stiffening and loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin. AkebiSol comes from the fruit of Akebia quinata, also known as chocolate vine, and its efficacy has been proven by the results obtained from in vitro, ex vivo experiments and clinical test.

VageStop is developed as a photoprotector against UV damage. VageStop contains veratric acid which is one of the major benzoic acid derivatives from vegetables and fruits. This molecule is also naturally found in medicinal mushrooms such as Sparassis crispa. However, it has rarely been applied in cosmetics area and BioSpectrum discovered its protection effects on UVB-induced damage of skin cells. Veratic acid in the VageStop is highly stable under harsh conditions such as extremely high temperature, light and various pH regions.

BioDTox is a cosmetic ingredient developed as a skin detoxifier from Citrus flavonoids, Brassica sulforaphane and Aloe polyphenols. Bioflavonoids, also known as vitamin P, must be supplied through the diet or topical use since it cannot be manufactured by the body. Bioflavonoids are famous of its efficacy, especially anti-oxidative activity along with anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory effects. Broccoli is an abundant source of sulforaphane, a well-known activator of phase II detoxification enzyme. Aloe is one of the native plants growing in Jeju Island, Korea. Its polyphenol compounds are present naturally and can benefit human skin in many ways. It has been proven that BioDTox can stimulate strongly phase II/anti-oxidant enzymes in keratinocyte cells and the combined activity helps to protect skin cells against toxins and reactive, dangerous molecules.

Along with these new products, six products for skin whitening (WhiteTen, MelaNo), soothing (MultiEx BSASM), bio-slimming (IsoNari), anti-wrinkle (Dongbaek Oil) and natural emulsifier (Cellike) were introduced during the show.


BioSpectrum makes an effort to satisfy the manufactures by providing detailed technical information on the products and plans to focus on product promotion with local agent (MASCOT Universal Private Limited). Next year’s HPCi show will be also held at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India in March. We will meet you there (Booth No. 108) again with our innovative cosmetic ingredients.

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